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We offer you the best of the West Coast and Namaqualand with our 3 and 4 day flower tours.
We have a great passion and love for the Namaqualand region.  Learning about how these flowers and succulents survive the years is an incredible experience.
With over 21 years of flower tour experience, you are sure to have a memorable experience with us.
  • We offer you small group, personalized tours with much flexibility. Maximum of 7 guests per tour.
  • We go where the flowers are!
  • You travel in a air-conditioned very comfortable vehicle.
  •  Tours depart and end in Cape Town Central area. We collect you at your front door in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Paarl areas. 
  • Private Tours are also offered.
  • You will enjoy 21 years of our experience doing these tours and would be delighted to have you or your loved ones on board!
  • As the flower tours are all dependant on nature and the weather conditions both before and during our tours, The Wine Specialists and any of its personal cannot be held responsible both legally or otherwise if there is a change in the conditions which are out of our control. It may occur that lack of seasonal rain at the right times, inclement overcast cold weather conditions or strong winds ( or hot berg winds) during the flowering season could very much affect the the flower showings.
  • Make sure you bring along a good pair of boots or walking shoes, a sun hat, sun block, a camera, a small suitcase with something warm to wear and a good sense of humor!
  • Just as mothers protect their children the flower heads close in overcast weather to protect the pollen from rain.

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